Tuesday, June 7, 2022

343◻︎' day 012 - I attempted to make a grown-up dinner

The story: I finally used my cute little retro air fryer for something other than toast. The salmon came out perfectly (I was amazed) and was a lovely follow-up to a glorious spinach, bleu cheese, pecan, and pear salad

The truth: I only took this photo to capture the fun of using a fish-shaped plate to serve fish. The little fryer did a terrif job, but the "thick" part of the salmon could have used a minute or two longer. I ate "the other" piece of fish while waiting for the rice to cook. I have yet to go through my spice cupboard and have no idea where I put the tarragon so I tossed on some unnecessary lemon pepper just for looks. The leaves pulled off my tree are there merely to distract from the fact the lemon was pre-squeezed (used for cooking). As for the spinach salad, the only greens I had today were the lettuce shreds on a half a taco leftover from yesterday! The salad in question is pre-made and will be consumed manana ... IF I remember and don't go for more tacos instead!

Oh and the red fabric? Yeah, that's a dish towel