Aetherean wisdom

in no particular order:

  • Supply & Demand. They're flipsides of the same coin. Something only exists because there is already a demand for it. Demand comes first. Once the need or desire is brought forth, it is supplied. That's why you can know with surety that there is a demand for all you have to offer!
  • Gratitude & Complaint - Being grateful manifests in abundance. Complaining manifests in lack.
  • Oneness - There is only one of anything, period. And that one is so ineffable, it is expressed in infinite form, color, and identity.
  • The material world is nothing more than limited thinking made manifest
  • Money is a symbol of appreciation, a valuing for the product or service another provides. Think of bill payments as thank-you notes for the good you're receiving, and you'll feel lighter and less burdened about finances. Just as giving a hug is a gesture that shows affection, paying with money is a gesture of appreciation.