Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fantasy meets fitness, with joy ... almost

14 August 2010 - I was in a yoga class when I first got the idea of combining fitness with an immersive fantasy experience. It was at a time when women were sporting collagen-injected "duck lips" and their faces were devoid of expression due to an excess of Botox. So many women seemed to think they're value was based on their physical appearance, and that they were worth less as they aged.

It broke my heart and I wanted to do something about it. Thus was born Joie de Vivre lifestyle, a business that despite good intentions was dead on arrival.

It had some solid bones, but just did not feel right. Subsequently, my target audience changed, life took over, and I bailed on the project as an 'entrepreneurial failure,' thinking I'd never do anything with what I worked so hard to create.