Monday, January 1, 2001

A Ray of Hope

January 2001 - I got the idea for what I intended to be my 'opus' - the Ray of Hope trilogy set on the ancient island of Amadun, ie. modern day Catalina off the California coast. I shan't divulge the premise here, since I still fully intend to realize this project. The story was to include an oceanic festival. That's when the idea of Squallix first popped up. It just made sense to me that 'water polo' should involve playera riding 'sea horses.'

I came up with a variety of humanoid 'species' that evolved based on their physical environments. Not sure if I still have notes on any of them, but when the time comes to write the series, the differences between the species will be a big part of the conflict. The story will be a precursor to Pete Drake's Omni tale. I love three of the main characters, although I can only remember the intended name of the protagonist now: Orlian.

Wow, this makes me want to work on that project now!