Thursday, July 1, 1999

Under duress

Big Bad Overlord! by Danny DeCillis
I have no idea if anyone will ever read any of this blog, but I've been all but harrassed to jot down stuff about the journey that brought forth Omni. Thus, this blog truly will be a web log of my recollections, uneventful as they are. The good news is, I'll probably be brief :)

1999 - I got the idea to write a story about a kid who attends an interdimensional school and goes to another dimension to face the universe's big baddy. The villain was to have a cloak that was lined in fire. That's about as elemental as it got.

August 2001 - I wrote Peter Swift in Dimension Q in 3 weeks. It was to be a fun one-off. What it turned out to be was utter swill. I opened my computer one day in September to print labels for the agents and publishing houses to whom I planned to send the paper manuscript, back when that was de rigueur. What I saw on my computer screen that morning was New York's World Trade Center in flames. Out of respect, I forestalled sending the manuscripts. Who knows how many of the publishing houses on my list were affected.

I then moved on to other creative endeavors, writing plays primarily, and forget about Pete and his story. I subsequently lost the manuscript when both my computer and backup hard drive died at the same time. No loss, I assure you.