Sunday, March 28, 2021

A candy-coated evening

Today's Snoring Bulldog podcast is a quicky, with heaping portions of thanks to The Four Seasons Tea Room and classical guitarist Sharan Sacks for making our Chocolat-themed event so enchanting.



The following was part of an email I sent this morning to those who attended last night's Chocolat event. I'm including it here on the off chance it's useful.

Our umbrella organization that runs everything I do is the far-fetched & fictional Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences. The Tea Travellers Societea is not an actual business. It's just a social group that exists to support tearooms because I want to be able to go to afternoon tea and I need tearooms to stay in business so I can get my fix! Btw, if you're just in it for the tea events, you can get updates on the FestiviTeas page of the travellers site. The travellers have both a "fan" page and group on Facebook, but these days few folks are seeing the posts.The Ocademy has far more followers, but (sadly) even less interaction.
Our "genteel arts" nonprofit of sub-atomic proportions (whence monies are gifted to artists in need) is called Whimsicalidocious. (Whimsicalitea underwent an unofficial name change when I got bombarded with emails by tea wholesalers). There are Meetup groups for all 3 entities (Ocademy, Tea, Arts) and events may be posted in more than one group should the theme/interests overlap.

I talk a lot about Patreon. Because of the lack of "reach" and activity on Facebook, I've moved our base of online operations over to the Patreon creatives-patronage platform. There, we post the stuff of greatest note with early access and discounts only afforded through those posts that go directly to your email. Membership starts at $1/month and offers a slew of perqs at the various levels. I'm sometimes asked where one can find audio versions of my whimsical fantasy series. (Mind you, I'm not asked often since no one yet knows about the series since the big Ocademy kick-off didn't get to happen last year ... We'll get there ...) The answer is Patreon! Only there can you get the audio versions. And only through there can you get advance reservations, discounts, and some of the little extras I give out at events.

For those unable to join Patreon, take heart. I've gotten off the dime and have begun sending out a monthly Gnusletter 

Finally, for those who prefer to listen to the drivel I spew instead of read it, my personal Snoring Bulldog podcast usually talks about what's going on before it's in print.