Saturday, November 9, 2019

Readers' characters come alive

While it may look like I've been inattentive and neglecting my Omni duties, just the opposite has been going on beneath the surface. In order for us to launch the behemoth that is Omni, I need to complete the first draft of all novels in Pete Drake's 7-novel series. That's in excess of 1.1 million words of writing—that's the length of nearly 14 standard novels when all is said and done. The good news is, I've only got an estimated 250K words to go, so the home stretch is nearly in sight.

What this post highlights is the collaborative nature of the Omni project. A couple years back, a darling gal named Genevieve (part of the Fiddleheads Unite core team on Facebook) submitted a character for inclusion in the primary novel series. Tallulah Marin, or Tali as Genevieve calls her, is a naiad, a mythological fresh water nymph who featured prominently in book #2. Now in book #6 Tali returns!

Including the characters created both those in the Omni circle is incredibly rewarding, not to mention fun. Better yet, when I informed Genevieve that Tali was coming back, it inspired her to get back to her own writing, and she's going to pen a short story that goes with the novel scene I told her about.

If you'd like a character of your creating to be included in the final novel, drop me a line. Omni's all about inclusion, in the most magical and whimsical of ways. See you all soon. I have 4K more words to get down on paper today xo