Dim Q Home

I'm a native of Gaia in Dim Q. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, my guess is you're unfamiliar with the Academy of Omnisophical Arts & Sciences, for whom I'm delighted to serve as plenipotentiary, chronicler, and Naturim translator. 

Locally, I host the Ocademy's Tea Travellers Societea social group, through which I've met the loveliest folks imaginable. My real passion however is Whimsicalidocious, the Ocademy's genteel arts nonprofit.

In days gone by I served as headmistress of Siren School, the Ocademy's all-female Dim Q affiliate that has been dormant the last few years and is slated to come out of hibernation next year. Siren School has just recently resumed publication of its online magazine, la Vie Sirene, and I'm looking forward helping out as editor on future issues.